Patent Number: 6580217
Title: Plasma display panel device having reduced turn-on voltage and increased UV-emission and method of manufacturing the same
Inventors: Steven Kim, Erich E. Kunhardt, Seok-Kyun Song, Bhum-Jae Shin, Sooho Park
Abstract: The present invention discloses a plasma display panel device and a method of fabricating the same including first and second substrates, a first electrode on the first substrate, a second electrode on the second substrate, a tape material on the second substrate including the second electrode, a plurality of third electrodes completely buried in the tape material, a plurality of barrier ribs connecting the first and second substrates formed on the second substrate, a UV-visible conversion layer on the second substrate including the second substrate between the barrier ribs, and a discharge chamber where discharge occurs between the first and second substrates, wherein the discharge chamber faces toward the second electrode through a single row of one or more capillaries formed in the tape material.
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