Patent Number: 6178275
Title: Method and apparatus for modulation of guided plasmons
Inventors: Annita Nerses, Erich E. Kunhardt
Abstract: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for the generation, manipulation and detection of plasmon, and/or solitons, both linear and non linear, in semi-conductor heterostructures. The apparatus includes a galium arsonide substrate, a two-dimensional electron gas well (2-DEG) (160) form thereon and a thin layer of Aluminum galium arsonide (AlGaAs) placed thereover. Launcher (130) and receiver lines (132, 134, 136) are formed on the AlGaAs layer. Each of the launcher (130) and receiver lines (132, 134, 136) includes coplanar waveguides which preferably consist of two to three metal lines. One line is interconnected with a photoconductive switch (120) and can be pulsed. The other line or lines are grounded. Pulsing the line forms an electric field which can be detected. Between the launcher and (130) and the receiver (140), the plasmon can be modulated by one or more additional gates line extending over the 2-DEG.
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