Patent Number: 6134966
Title:  Method and apparatus for acoustic detection of mines and other buried man-made objects
Inventors: Dimitri M. Donskoy, Alexander M. Sutin
Abstract: A device which employs an acoustic signal having one or more frequencies for penetrating into ground, water, or sediments and vibrating a compliant buried object is provided. When these acoustic signals encounter an acoustically compliant object such as a mine, the acoustic signals vibrate the compliant object, leading to a vibration of the compliant object against the boundaries of the surrounding medium such as ground sediment, creating a nonlinear distortion of the probing signal including the generation of harmonics and acoustic waves with combination frequencies (nonlinear signals). These nonlinear vibrating signals are received from the surface by a sensor. The amplitude of the measured nonlinear signals indicates the presence of an acoustically compliant object such as a mine.
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