Patent Number: 6097306
Title: Programmable lock and security system therefor
Inventors: Jeremy Phelps Leon, Lynn Frederick Amis, Jan Nazalewicz, Thomas Glenn McKee, Jr.
Abstract: Locks for the transportation industry are programmable with a keypad and with handheld activators, the activators being programmable by a central system and activators via IR transmitters and receivers. Operator PIN numbers and access codes manifesting the supervisory level of authority are encoded in each lock which are programmed to open a given number of times in a given time period with or without entry of a code and include a lockout feature for disabling the lock in case of invalid code entry. Each lock has a log history containing the number of complete and incomplete opening transactions, when they occurred and the operator codes associated therewith. The locks are opened by IR transmission of the appropriate codes or by keypad entries. One or more individuals at different levels of authority may open one or more locks in a given time frame a given number of times. Each lock records its transaction history which is displayed and downloaded for system evaluation.
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