Patent Number: 6005349
Title: Method for generating and maintaining a glow plasma discharge
Inventors: Erich E. Kunhardt, Kurt H. Becker
Abstract: A method and apparatus for stabilizing glow plasma discharges by suppressing the transition from glow-to-arc includes a perforated dielectric plate having an upper surface and a lower surface and a plurality of holes extending therethrough. The perforated dielectric plate is positioned over the cathode. Each of the holes acts as a separate active current limiting micro-channel that prevents the overall current density from increasing above the threshold for the glow-to-arc transition. This allows for a stable glow discharge to be maintained for a wide range of operating pressures (up to atmospheric pressures) and in a wide range of electric fields include DC and RF fields of varying strength.
Filing Date: 1999-02-12
Granting Date: 1999-12-21
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