Patent Number: 5391929
Title:  Electric power transmission system and method of asymmetric transmission of power to mitigate magnetic fields
Inventors: Dilhan M. Kalyon, Halit S. Gokturk, Sudhir B. Railkar
Abstract: The method of power transmission and distribution aims to mitigate the magnetic fields generated at a right of way and at distances which extend beyond the right of way. The transmission and distribution lines use various line parameters including the relative locations of the conductors around the axis of symmetry of the right of way, the current magnitudes and the phase angles of the currents flowing in the conductors in optimum asymmetric fashion. The use of magnetic field mitigation bodies placed adjacent to the current bearing conductors increases the scope and the effectiveness of the mitigation. A mitigation technique is also provided for mitigating the magnetic field generated by current bearing sources used in power distribution, with unknown or difficult to characterize current distributions, such as transformers.
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