Patent Number: 4921612
Title: Asymmetrically-wettable porous membrane process
Inventors: Kamalesh K. Sirkar
Abstract: An asymmetrically-wettable, porous membrane has a hydrophilic side and a hydrophobic side. The membrane has pores which pass through the membrane to provide communication between the hydrophilic side and the hydrophobic side. The membrane can be used in a process for transferring a solute from a liquid feed solution to a liquid extractant which is substantially immiscible with the feed solution. The process comprises contacting the hydrophilic side of the membrane with one solution and contacting the hydrophobic side of the membrane with the other solution. The interface between the feed solution and the extractant is substantially immobilized at the porous membrane. Solute is transferred from the feed solution to the extractant through the pores of the membrane.
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