Patent Number: 4789468
Title: Immobilized-interface solute-transfer apparatus
Inventors: Kamalesh K. Sirkar
Abstract: An immobilized-interface solute-transfer unit for transferring solute from a feed solution to an extractant liquid comprises a fluid-tight housing and a porous membrane which divides the housing into a feed solution chamber and an extractant chamber. The housing has feed solution inlet and outlet ports which communicate with the feed solution chamber, and extractant inlet an outlet ports which communicate with the extractant chamber. The solute-transfer unit also includes a presure difference controller for maintaining a difference between a liquid pressure of a feed solution in the feed solution chamber and a liquid presure of an extractant in the extractant chamber substantially within a predetermined pressure range so that an interface between the feed solution and the extractant is substantially immobilized at the membrane. The solute-transfer unit is particularly adapted for transferring a solute from a feed solution to an extractant, which feed solution and extractant are immiscible with one another when in direct contact.
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