Patent Number: 255677
Title: Surfaces differentially adhesive to bacteria and eukaryotic cells
Inventors: Libera; Matthew R
Abstract: A surface coating comprises a primer coat that permits adhesion of eukaryotic cells thereto, and a plurality of macromolecular structures attached to the primer coat. At least some of the macromolecular structures have a cell-resistant character, meaning that cells generally will not adhere to them. The macromolecular structures are distributed across an area of the primer coat so that the surface coating permits adhesion of the eukaryotic cells to the primer layer and resists the adhesion of non-eukaryotic cells. Typically, the primer coat comprises a self-assembled polymeric monolayer and the macromolecular structures comprise nanoscale hydrogels. Such surface coatings may be formed on articles of manufacture for insertion into the body, such as orthopedic devices.
Filing Date: 2008-10-16
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