Patent Number: 251070
Title: Method and apparatus for capnography-guided intubation
Inventors: Pinskiy; Vadim, et al
Abstract: A method and apparatus for qualitative sensory signal, capnography-guided intubation is provided. A qualitative sensory signal, such as an audible signal, is generated during intubation of a patient to provide an audible indication of carbon dioxide levels, so as to facilitate proper placement of an intubation tube. The frequency of the audible signal corresponds to measured carbon dioxide levels, thereby providing a simple, easy-to-interpret, audible indication of the current position of an endotracheal tube during intubation, as well as confirmation of proper placement of the tube. Alternatively, the qualitative sensor signal may be an omni-directional visual signal or a palpable vibratory signal.
Filing Date: 2008-10-16
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