Stevens Elevator Pitch Competition & Project Plan Competition Judges

Elevator Pitch Competition

An elevator pitch is a short presentation made by an entrepreneur raising money for a venture. The term describes a pitch that’s short enough that it could be given during an elevator ride when the entrepreneur has the only chance to talk with a potential investor.


Daryl Bryant, StartupValley

Carlos Cesta, Verizon

Ethan Chazin, The Chazin Group LLC

Jaclyn J. Flor, PE, PP, CME, T&M Associates

Esther Fraser, Rising Tide Capital

Jeanne Gray, American Entrepreneurship Today

Paul Magnone, Deloitte Consulting

John B. Petersen, III, Firehawk Creative


Project Plan Pitch Competition

A project plan pitch is a short presentation made to persuade potential clients to select your project design over the competition. Similar to an elevator pitch, it is a pitch short enough to persuade your boss or potential client to want to learn more about your project.


Chih C. Chao, PhD, Tunghai University

Sean Cuttler, Billtrust

Jaclyn J. Flor, PE, PP, CME, T&M Associates

Walter M. Geslak, Chemex/LA Products

Wei Liao, Accenture

Emily Wheeler, NYC ACRE & PowerBridge NY

Paul Wojnicki, PhD, Beryllus, LLC

Frank Zammataro, Rentricity