E2-Water Quality Workshop

September 29th,2009
8:30 am to 2:00 pm
Babbio Center Auditorium
Stevens Campus-Hoboken, NJ

The workshop objective is to identify business opportunities, create new ventures, and direct research efforts through interaction of investors, researchers, regulators and industry. You will learn about state-of-the-art technology to identify investment market opportunities at a very early stage in the venturing process.

Russ Furnari - PSEG, Jim Cosgrove, Omni Environmental, Rhea W. Brekke - Executive Director NJCAT, Commissioner Mark N. Mauriello - NJ Department of Environmental Protection, and Christos Christodoulatos - Associate Provost, Stevens.

Tom Carmody - TC Tech, Malcolm Kahn – VP Enterprise Development & Licensing, Russ Furnari, PSEG, Richard Magee, Stevens Trustee/Technical Director, NJCAT.

Julius Pavlov, Research Associate & Mahmoud Wazne, Presenter & Professor, both from the Center for Environmental Systems.

Clockwise - George P. Korfiatis - Provost, Tsan-Liang Su - Professor, Center for Environmental Systems (CES), Paul Winstanley - Director of Energy initiatives, Ellen Hogarty - Outreach and Communications Associate, School of Systems & Enterprises and Washington Braida – Research Professor, CES.

Research Colleagues Henry Du - Director Chemical Engineering & Material Science and Svetlana Sukhishvili - Professor Chemical Biology and Biomedical Engineering, discuss their research in SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering) and how it can be used in water detecting devices.

Workshop Agenda:


  • Welcoming Remarks
  • Presentation of E2 Project Overview

Key Note "Direction of Water Quality Regulations"

  • Commissioner Mark N. Mauriello-NJDEP

Water Quality Technology Pitches
5 minute Technology Presentations : 8 Researchers Presentation

Technology Needs Perspectives & Discussion

  • James F. Cosgrove, Jr., P.E., Omni Environmental, the Clean Water Council(CWC)
  • Russ Furnari,PSEG, Clean Water Council
  • Malcolm Kahn, Stevens Institute of Technology

Panel Discussion

Break-Out Sessions:Evaluating Technologies
Audience Discussion

  • What application areas are suitable for the presented research?
  • Based on the application areas, which is the most interesting one from an industry perspective ?
  • What is the economic potential for these applications?

Interactive Feedback on Technologies

  • Advice and Questions for Technologies

Networking Luncheon

Call for Abstracts

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