Energy Conference

E2 - Energy Technology Conference & Networking Reception

Monday, December 7th 2009
Conference 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Networking Reception 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Location: NYC Accelarator for a Clean & Renewable Economy (NYC ACRE) at
160 Varick Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY
Executive Summary of NYC ACRE

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Conference Activities

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Welcoming Remarks & Presentations of E2 Project Overview
Kurt H. Becker, PhD, Associate Provost for Research & Technology Initiatives, NYU-Poly

‘Strategic Issues and Opportunities in Transmission and Distribution’
Guru Nadkarni, VP Strategic Planning Con Edison

Technology Pitches - Academia

  • “Universal Controller for Interconnection of Distributed Generators with the Utility Lines at Customer Level Voltages”
    The objective is to build a prototype of a universal controller to interconnect “small” distributed generation units and utility lines at 120/208 V. The scope is to connect synchronous, induction and power electronics DG’s of up to 2 MW.
  • “Analysis of Secondary Networks having Distributed Generation Systems”
    The objective is to answer two fundamental questions of DG interconnection with networks: (i) What is the maximum (total amount of) distributed generation power that can be safely installed on a secondary network? (ii) What will happen if all DG’s are disconnected simultaneously?
  • “Evaluation of Three-Phase Bolted Short-Circuits on Distribution Networks having Customers’ Distributed Generators” - The objective is to quantify the increase of the short-circuit current on the substation circuit breakers when there is DG in the presence of DG in the network.

Panel Session – Feedback on the Technology Pitches & Start up Companies

Discussion with Audience Participation

Moderated by Mark Torpe, Program Manager R&D NYSERDA


  • Kristin Barbato, Department Manager, Strategic Planning Con Edison
  • Mario M. Casabona - Casabona Ventures
  • Mike Holman Ph.D, Research Director Lux Research
  • Florence Hudson, Corporate Strategy IBM
  • Bobbi Kates-Garnick, Urban Sustainability Project Manager NYU-Poly
  • David Kirkpatrick, Managing Director SJF Ventures

Technology Pitches – Entrepreneurs from Start-Up Companies

Greenlet Technologies - Itai Karelic

Greenlet’s core technology allows fast deployment of peak shaving and Demand Response programs for customers using small loads without the need for professional installation, reducing time to market and maximizing cost cutting for utilities and customers.

EnergyHub - Dave Wechsler

EnergyHub is the consumer face of the Smart Grid, helping homeowners reduce energy consumption and save money. EnergyHub produces smart, simple, and cost-effective energy management tools that strengthen the relationship between consumers and utilities and solve the energy problems of today and tomorrow.

GreenFunnel Systems

The GreenFunnel system is a combination of hardware, software, and information technology support systems acting synchronously to collect, aggregate, analyze, and report on electricity consumption patterns. GreenFunnel provides an extremely simple and unique method for monitoring power consumed by any device in your home.

ThinkEco – Jun Shimada

ThinkEco is offering an intelligent plug-load measurement and management solution, called the modlet (for mod-ern out-let), that is targeted to consumers and businesses. They have filed a patent that enables their technology to have a unique consumer-friendly design as well as the lowest price point in the industry. Another algorithm patent that they have filed enables their device to have a clear ease-of-use advantage over emerging competitors. The modlet was a finalist at the 2009 i-stage competition.

CALM Energy, Inc - John Johnson

CALM Electric is offering products and services in computer-aided lean management and smart grid development.

Executive Summary

Networking Session

Hors D'oeuvres and cocktails