2010 Yearbook Slideshow

Cynthia Hassler, one of the participants in the TG program 2010, working in the Biomedical Program under her adviser, Dr. Xiaojun Yu

Cynthia Hassler in McLean lab working on Intraocular Lens Hydrogels.

The aim of the research was to test the efficacy of intraocular lens hydrogels which would prevent posterior capsule opacification by culturing lens epithelial cells and observing cell adhesion. The goal of the hydrogels is to prevent cell adhesion on the center of the intraocular lens after cataract surgery. By preventing cell adhesion the hydrogels would prevent posterior capsule opacification, also known as a secondary cataract and reduce the number of secondary surgeries needed to correct PCO’s. With the data collected, the hydrogels are in the process of transferring the probational patent into a full patent.

DaWei Hou working in McLean lab on Bone Tissue Engineering.

Bone defects create major problems in modern healthcare. While numerous bone grafts are available to the general public, their problems in biocompatibility, abundance and risk of disease transmission make these options less practical to patients. These problems demand a new generation of grafting technique, which is the purpose of tissue engineering.We approach tissue engineering with the most basic components, starting from the smallest unit of cells and polymers assembling them into more complex configurations. I am involved in the construction of a perfusion bioreactor, and this piece of equipment will provide a dynamic culturing environment for the other researchers.