Innovation & Entrepreneurship Doctoral Fellowship

The purpose of the I&E Doctoral Fellowship program is to recruit highly motivated doctoral students with strong scientific and technical background and entrepreneurial aspirations. The I&E doctoral program aims to support research with high chance of leading to transformational changes in its domain through innovation and science-driven disruptive technology development. Research addressing relevant problems with broad scientific, technical and societal impact that also has potential market value is highly desirable as it promotes entrepreneurship and contributes significantly to advance Technogenesis.

The I&E fellowship is a two-year program starting at the fall semester of the academic-year, and covers both tuition and stipend. Tuition does not include fees. Applications for new nominations must be submitted by the research advisor to the Office of Graduate Admissions before March 1st.

It is the responsibility of the research advisor to demonstrate the innovative and entrepreneurial aspects of the proposed research and match the skills of the Ph.D. candidate to the requirements and criteria of the Fellowship. Applications will be reviewed by the I&E Doctoral Fellowship Committee under the supervision of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIE) and if the nominee is selected, the corresponding Department will be contacted regarding administrative procedures. Study plans must be co-signed by the OIE before submitted to the registrar.

At the end of the first year, the doctoral fellows are reviewed and their performance is assessed by the I&E Doctoral Fellowship Committee. In order to continue the fellowship for the second year, the fellows must present their progress at the end of the spring semester at the I&E Fellowship workshop. After review of coursework and research progress by the I&E Committee the OIE will make a determination for continuation of the fellowship by May 15th.

  • Nominees should fulfill the following requirements and satisfy specific criteria to be eligible for the I&E Doctoral Fellowship.
  • Nominees must be full-time students pursuing a doctoral degree.
  • Nominee's research project should be clearly defined
  • The innovative features, potential outcomes, broader impacts and relevance of the nominee's research project must be addressed.
  • Fellows will be required to include Entrepreneurship courses in their study plans.
  • Fellows must pass the qualifying exams of the home department in order to be eligible for second year support.
  • Nominees are not eligible for Fellowship if they receive funding from other sources.

The fellowship can be extended for a third year provided that the research has potential to generate intellectual property (patents, copyrights etc.) with high economic value. To be considered for third year support the research advisor must complete an I&E fellowship extension application for their nominees. A fourth year support is possible only for special cases where the research has resulted in the creation of specific intellectual property that has relevant applications and could be licensed to an external entity or be used for the formation of a start-up company. Deadline for extension application is April 15th.

All applications for new nominations, second year continuations, third year extensions and fourth year support are reviewed by the I&E Doctoral Fellowship Committee which submits its recommendations to the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for approval. Final selection of the nominee's is based upon funding availability.

Click here to download I&E Doctoral Fellowship Application and I&E Doctoral Fellowship Extension forms.

2011-2012 I&E Fellows

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Sandra Furnbach
Coordinator of Academic Entrepreneurship Initiatives