2010 Technogenesis Projects - College of Liberal Arts

Deschamps Database – 14th Century Poetry Made Searchable

The Deschamps Database allows the user to search through 9 volumes of poetry and prose by medieval French poet Eustache Deschamp, as well as 2 volumes of commentary. The application is intended to allow scholars who may not be technically inclined to find data. The design of the application removes the need for the user to know complex syntax such as Structured Query Language (SQL) to search the database. Instead, users may add simple search terms to find whatever information they need. The application is a single user, graphical application. The application resides on a single machine, which takes information from the user, queries the database, and returns the results to the user. The application is designed to be as easy to use as possible. The nature of the application places emphasis on the data contained in the database, and getting the data to the user.

Advisor: Prof. Deborah M. Sinnreich-Levi
[email protected]
Ext 5403

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Sandra Furnbach
Coordinator of Academic Entrepreneurship Initiatives