I&E Summer Scholars

*NEW* Innovation & Entreprenuership Summer Scholars Research Program - 2015 Guidelines 

Program Overview:

  • Undergraduate summer entrepreneur and research opportunity in innovative design, research and/or business projects for a period of ten weeks.
  • Students receive a maximum stipend of $3500. Students are expected to conduct 35 hours of research work per week.
  • Students can apply for on-campus housing assistance for those living 25 miles away from Stevens, up to $2600 limit.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • Students are expected to conduct the research on-campus, on a full time basis under the direct supervision of a faculty or research staff member from Stevens.
  • The minimum accepted overall cumulative GPA is 3.0 as of the Fall Semester 2014.
  • Students must be full time Stevens undergraduates who will be registered as undergraduates for the Fall Semester 2015.
  • Interdisciplinary projects are encouraged, but there must be a primary faculty advisor.
  • Projects that continue into the school year are encouraged. (Continued funding from the program will be by application only).
  • Students are expected to work on their Stevens project full time, with no other employment or academic work, classes are not allowed to be taken.
  • Stevens Scholars are not eligible to receive funding from the I&E Program, however, can collaborate on I&E Projects.

Selection Process:

  • Faculty/Advisors submit research topics/projects (areas of work) to I&E (TG) school coordinators beginning March 2015. Projects may be submitted for distribution to the students up to a week before the proposal submission deadline, if necessary. (Faculty members should identify and emphasize projects that have the potential for commercial value and/or solve a customer need.)
  • A list of topics/projects with corresponding faculty/advisors will be posted on the 2015 project website with a brief description.
  • Students meet with the advisor who submitted the research topic/project that interests them.
  • The student and the advisor discuss and develop a project plan suitable for that student. Alternatively, students, who desire to research a specific project not listed on the website, may seek out an advisor willing to oversee their research and develop a specific project plan for proposal submission.
  • *OPTIONAL*  Certain projects may require a small materials budget, students should work with their advisor to prepare a small budget with justification. Maximum $250. 

*NEW* Student Proposal Submission Process

  • Once advisors have been identified, candidates should prepare the information required for the online submissions process with their faculty advisors.
  • Applicants must submit online via the online submission form.
  • PDF Documents Required:

Student proposals can be submitted between dates, March 09 - April 10
Online Submission Form-2015 (Available from March 09, 2015)

The deadline for submitting a proposal is: 5:00 PM, April  10 2015. 

Faculty/Advisor & Coordinators Review Process

  • Faculty should not agree to more than three (3) submissions total in which they are listed as the advisor. If the faculty member receives request from more than three students, they must chose which proposals they will agree to sponsor.
  • The I&E Scholar Selection Committee (consisting of the coordinators from each school, Dr. Christos Christodoulatos and David Peacock) will meet periodically during the proposal submission period to review proposals. Key evaluation criteria include:
    • Quality of the project
    • Student's research and academic history
    • Innovation & Entrepreneurial Elements
    • Preference given to projects with the following strategic outcomes:
      • Prototype Developed
      • White Paper Prepared
      • Conference Presentation
      • Proof-of-concept
      • Invention Disclosure
      • Grant Proposal 

Student Acceptance & Administrative Processing:

  • Students will be notified of acceptance by e-mail beginning April 16, 2015.
  • Students should advise the Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship of their acceptance or rejection of the award no later than April 24, 2015.
  • Administrative paperwork, including housing and payroll processing will begin May 01, 2015. A group meeting will be conducted at a date-TBD.

Research Work Activity:

Summer research work activity can take place between the dates of May 19 through August 07, 2015.

Students must meet with their faculty research advisor to discuss their individual work schedule. The typical summer research work week is 7 hours per day, (9-5 with 1 hour lunch break), 5 days per week, (M-F). Students should discuss planned time off for vacation etc. Students are required to work a total of no more than 350 hours, limited to 35 hours per week, during the above period. Students will receive 6 equal bi-monthly payments of total stipend $3,500 beginning with May's payroll.

Summer academic course activity outside of the I&E summer research program is not allowed.

Outcomes: Yearbook, Videos, Research Update, & Ceremony with Poster Board Exhibition:

A final report documenting the research progress, results, and future development must be prepared by all summer scholars and submitted to OIE, David T. Peacock and Sandra Furnbach with copy to their faculty advisor. Additionally, over the course of the program, students are required to prepare a yearbook summary and 2 minute or less video documenting their research.

The program concludes with a final ceremony and poster board exhibition of the individual research projects. This event will be scheduled during the Fall Semester 2015.

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For more information, please contact:

Ms. Sandra Furnbach
Programs Manager