Mark Yackanich

CEO of Genesis Media

Throughout his 14 years in media business, Mark Yackanich has touched all aspects of the industry from operations and corporate strategy to platform development and even social and interactive solutions development on multiple platforms (mobile, tv and web). As CEO of Genesis Media, Mark Yackanich leads the company and provides direction in designing a new generation of premium content monetization solutions. Mark joins Genesis Media from MegaPhone Labs, where he was the CEO of a pioneering participatory television company. Prior to MegaPhone Labs, Mark was Vice President and Head of Corporate Strategy for NBC's Local Media Division he was instrumental in defining Local Media's city site network, their digital subchannel strategy (starting with New York Nonstop), building their mobile platform and participating in key acquisitions, including LXTV. Before this, he was the Head of Business Operations for the launch of Hulu.

Mark graduated with a BS in International Business Management and Marketing, from NYU's Stern School of Business.