David E. Hershberg

David E. Hershberg Chief Executive Office and Chairman of the Board

DAVID HERSHBERG. Mr. Hershberg started his career in 1959 at ITT Defense Communications working on earth stations for the first active communications satellite carrier as well as many other early satellite programs. He founded ITT Space Communications, Inc. in 1968; Comtech, Inc. Systems Division in 1972; and Satellite Transmission Systems, Inc. in 1976, each becoming extremely successful.

During his 18 years as President and CEO of Satellite Transmission Systems, Inc., STS became the global leader and premier company in the field of satellite communications ground station systems. STS had annual sales in excess of $110 million, and an installed base of over 1,000 major earth terminals installed. Under his leadership, STS was a 1992 winner of the New York State Exporter of the Year Award, and STS became the first company in its field to achieve the coveted ISO 9001 certification. In addition to his duties at STS, Mr. Hershberg also served as the President of the Satellite Communications Group of California Microwave Inc., which included responsibility for EF DATA, Inc. and CMI Mobile Products.

Mr. Hershberg founded Globecomm Systems Inc. in 1994 as an integrator of satellite communication systems and networks. In a short time it became a leading provider of end-to-end solutions, including systems, connections, and services. In 1996 he founded NetSat Express, Inc. which is now known as Globecomm Network Services, as a subsidiary of GSI, to provide Internet service to developing countries. It is now a leading provider of Internet-via-satellite services for international ISPs and end-to-end Enterprise Solutions with content delivery offerings.

Mr. Hershberg received a patent for his innovations facilitating two-way Internet-via-satellite services, a core offering of NetSat Express since its inception. Mr. Hershberg also developed innovations in L-band earth terminal architecture that have become part of the foundation of large gateway as well as very small aperture terminal design. Under his leadership, Globecomm Systems, Inc. received an award as one of Long Island’s fastest growing top 50 companies for two years in a row. In 2000 GSI won the “Teleport Operator of the Year Award” presented by the World Teleport Association.

Considered an industry leader by many of his peers, Mr. Hershberg has championed many new technical and management innovations and was honored as the recipient of The Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” for the Long Island region in the Emerging Technology category. This award recognizes the business attributes of those who have founded or are growing a leading-edge company. In March 2008, Mr. Hershberg was inducted into the Long Island Technology Hall of Fame (LITHF). The intention of the Long Island Technology Hall of Fame is to recognize, honor and preserve the contributions, accomplishments, and dedication of historical figures or current leaders in science or technology who have had, or are having, an impact on Long Island.

In November 2010, Mr. Hershberg was awarded the Leroy R. Grumman Award at the Cradle of Aviation Museum for technical achievement in satellite communications.

Other Awards include:

  • Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) Hall of Fame - 2003
  • Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Satellite Communications exchange (ISCe)
  • Herman Fialkov Business Person of the Year at the Long Island Capital Alliance’s
  • Long Island Heritage Society Golden Eagle Award
  • Boy Scout Good Scout Award

Working to improve United States industry competitiveness, Mr. Hershberg was invited to testify before the United States Congress, and met with President Clinton on competitive trade issues. In addition he has worked on trade issues with the Department of Commerce, the U.S. Trade representative, AEA, TIA, and the Council on Competitiveness. An accomplished expert on quality issues, Mr. Hershberg has lectured to companies, government agencies, and industry groups on Continuous Improvement and Total Quality Management.

Mr. Hershberg holds Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and Management Science from Stevens Institute of Technology; he also holds a BEE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).