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Task Forces

Academic Advising

Established: Spring 2012

Chair: Ann Murphy

Meets regularly (every two weeks during the initial period)

Charge: This task Force is charged with reviewing the current academic advising process and to make recommendations for improvements. A major emphasis is to enhance academic advising and monitor student progress commencing from the freshmen orientation stage. The recommendations from the task force are summarized in its recent report.

Membership: Ann Murphy, Keith Sheppard, Lisa Dolling, Kenneth Nilsen, Annette Feliciano, Larry Russ,  Eirik Hole, Marsissa Brock

Academic Entrepreneurship

Established: Summer 2008

Coordinator/Chair: Christos ChristodoulatosMeets twice a year

Charge: To foster and nurture an entrepreneurial culture that is accepted across the entire Institute community. Office of Academic Entrepreneurship (OAE) will provide the platform and the framework for responding to the new social challenge.  It will facilitate exploitation of intellectual assets of the Institute for the creation of wealth that contributes to the sustainable development and growth of the local and global economies and at the same time offer tangible benefits to the Institute and the individual entrepreneur (A brief summary presentation is attached).

Membership: Christos Christodoulatos, Susanne Wetzel, Dilhan Kalyon, Svetlana Sukhishvili, Vikki Hazelwood, Daniel Duchamp, Cristina Comaniciu, Eui-Hyeok Yang, Dimitri Donskoy, Stefan Strauf, Timothy Koeller, Ali Mostashari, Lisa Dolling, Siva Thangam

Academic Space

Established: Spring 2012

Chair: Ralph Giffin

Meets regularly (about twice a month during the initial period)

Charge: Charge: Facilitate effective use of academic space. Specifically, i) develop baseline current space (function, utilization, size and location, condition); ii) develop criteria for allocating space; iii) develop guidelines for effective space optimization; iv) determine current needs, future needs (Space and Infrastructure); v) develop policy addressing accountability for using space.

Membership: Leslie Brunell, Constantin Chassapis, Roberta Cohen, Barbara DeHaven, Annette Feliciano, Norman Forster, Ralph Giffin, Thomas Herrington, Timothy Koeller, George Korfiatis, James Liang, Rainer Martini, Hady Salloum, David Silverstein, Alison Sylvester, Siva Thangam

Educational Assessment

Established: Fall 2007

Chairs: George Korfiatis and Siva Thangam

Meets regularly to analyze and plan academic assessment activities.

This group is currently involved in analyzing the data for the MSCHE Periodic Review Report (due 1 June 2013.). That will be followed by preparation for ABET Self Study Reports (due in June 2015 for visit during Fall 2015).

Charge: To determine which student learning assessment procedures are in place, how they relate to the mission, goals, and objectives of the university, the extent to which they are used, and how results are used to improve courses and educational programs.

Membership: George Korfiatis, Khaldoun Khashanah, Andrew Rubenfeld, Ted Stohr, Siva Thangam, David Vaccari, Agata Wolfe, Robert Zotti.

Information Technology

Established: Spring 2009

Chair: George KorfiatisMeets regularly (six times per year).

Charge:  To baseline the state of the Stevens IT systems-people-processes, assess academic, administrative, and infrastructure needs, and evaluate existing IT structure in the context of central vs. local strengths and the needs of the community. The near-term IT strategy includes the prioritization and development of alternatives for the infrastructure, and upgrading the hardware and software. The long-term strategy calls for implementation of major ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) process.

Membership: George Korfiatis, Anthony Barrese, Costas Chassapis, Bobby De Haven, Lisa Dolling, Annette Feliciano, Ralph Giffin, Randy Greene, Lex McCusker, Eric Rosenberg, Siva Thangam, Maureen Weatherall and Mary Wheeler.

Institutional Assessment

Established: Spring 2007

Chair: George Korfiatis

Meets regularly

Charge: To perform institutional assessment through self-assessment of metrics developed in the context of achievement of the core goals and strategic goals that are derived from the university?s vision, mission, and values.

Membership: George Korfiatis, Anthony Barrese, Dawn Da Silva, Hank Dobbelaar, Christos Christodoulatos,  Andrew Rubenfeld, Chuck Shaw, Keith Sheppard, Joseph Stahley, Siva Thangam, Agata Wolfe


Established: Spring 2007

Coordinators: George Korfiatis and Siva Thangam

Meets once a month (about 12 times per year)

Charge: To review and update the Stevens Policies and Guidelines. This Task Force on Institutional/Academic/Administrative Policy is responsible for reviewing all existing policies of the institute and make recommendations with respect to policy gaps. In addition, the task force will oversee the overhaul of existing policies as well as the development of new ones to fill identified gaps. The Task Force maintains a policy library and periodically disseminates the policies and guidelines to the Stevens Community.

Membership: George Korfiatis, Christine Booth, Christos Christodoulatos, Barbara DeHaven, Doug Horr, Amy Krause, Larry Russ, Mark Samolewicz, Kathy Schulz, Joseph Stahley, Charles Suffel, Siva Thangam, Ted Stohr (Faculty Senate Liaison, AY 2011-12)

Research Advisory

Established: Fall 2008

Coordinator: Barbara DeHaven

Meets about twice a year

Charge: To review and update research practices and infrastructure with a focus on management for research services and meeting the requirements for stewardship of research funds.

Membership: Barbara DeHaven, George Korfiatis, Frank Fisher, Henry Du, Christina Comaniciu, David Nauman, Alan Blumberg, Stefan Strauf, Brian Sauser, Christos Christodoulatos, Junfeng Liang, Thomas Lechler, James McClellan, Lex McCusker, Michael Bruno.


Established: Fall 2010

Coordinator: Larry Russ

Meets regularly (about every 4 weeks)

Charge: Monitor, review and analyze academic retention ate Stevens and benchmark retention performance against the peer groups. Provide recommendations to enhance retention at Stevens. The Task Force Report (Fall 2011) is archived and available for the community.

Membership: Larry Russ, Tal Ben Zvi, Costas Chassapis, Daniel Gallagher, Patrick Miller, Keith Sheppard, Jonathan Wharton, Theresa Zigh.