Office of Graduate Academics

Office of Graduate Academics

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Graduate Academics is institution-wide and threefold, namely:

  • to ensure the quality of all graduate programs through the activities of the Graduate Curriculum Committee and the Academic Integrity Board;

  • to foster and encourage interdisciplinary education and research;

  • to contribute to the holistic development of the graduate student through collaboration with the Office of Graduate Student Affairs.

Responsibilities of the Office

The Office of the Graduate Academics is responsible for maintaining academic records and degree verifications, approval and review of all graduate programs, approval of continuing professional development programs, formulation and review/revisions of graduate academic policies through the Graduate Curriculum Committee, and monitoring graduate student progress.

Consistent with Strategic Positioning Plan goals, the Dean of Graduate Academics, Charles Suffel, provides interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary leadership. The dean and the Office of Graduate Academics interfaces with the Office of Graduate Student Affairs, Office of Undergraduate Academics, Office of the Registrar, Office of International Student Services, and deans of individual schools. The dean and staff of the Office of Graduate Academics report to the Vice Provost of Academics.

Academic Entrepreneurship

Your graduate experience is enhanced by Stevens' heated incubation of innovation and enterprise. Our entrepreneurial process of developing innovative technology through commercialization is shared jointly among students, faculty, entrepreneurs, investors, private industry and government. As a result, in recent years Stevens students successfully launched five startup technology companies. Successful programs as the Stevens Summer Scholars Program and Senior Design Awards foster competitive entrepreneurship among students. For more information about academic entrepreneurship, contact the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Charles Suffel
Professor, Dean of Graduate Academics

Administrative Assistant

Robert Crooks Stanley Graduate Fellowship

Nominations are now open for the Robert Crooks Stanley Graduate Fellowship. The graduate fellowship is usually awarded on an academic-year basis and includes both tuition and stipend. Nominees must be full-time, United States citizens pursuing a doctorate or master's degree and maintaining a 3.5 grade point average. (Preference is given to students in a Ph.D. program). Any educational activity in excess of full-time graduate study or any additional wage earning activities is subject to the approval of the appropriate academic dean. Application deadline is February 28. Click here for more information.