Academic Information


Your fall semester schedule will be created based on the curriculum you choose to pursue. You may view your course schedule via "Student Web Self Services" on myStevensOnce you’ve logged in using your myStevens credentials, click on the “Student/Faculty Web Self Services” icon under “Campus Services.”  Student Web Self Services is a site that gives you access to a variety of administrative information.  If you have difficulty accessing your schedule, please contact the Computer Help Desk at (201) 216-5500. Click here to view the Fall 2013 Academic Calendar.


As part of our Freshman Advising System, every entering student is assigned a faculty advisor from their major department.  After Tuesday, August 1, you can find the name and contact information for your advsior by logging in to myStevensOnce there click on the Student/Faculty Web Self Services icon under Campus Services. Then click on Student and Financial Aid, hover over Student Records, and click on the Advisor link.The first meeting with your faculty advisor is scheduled for the morning of Thursday, August 22. This event is part of your Freshman Orientation schedule.


All undergraduate students in the Engineering, Science & Quantative Finance Curricula must take the Math Assessment Test. You must complete the online assessment by Monday, July 8. If you have not completed this assessement or have questions, please send an email to


Click here to view the list of courses for which you may receive credit if you earned a 4 or a 5 on the AP exam. If you received credit for a first semester course, the Registrar's Office will move you to the next level of that course.  If you prefer to repeat that course, as a refresher, or to help your GPA, please notify Dean Rosemary Dice in order to modify your schedule. If you recieved credit for a course that is taken after the first semester, you do not need to do anything at this time.


All students entering Fall 2013 are required to complete CAL103, Writing and Communications, and CAL105, Knowledge, Nature, Culture. One of these courses will appear on your fall schedule. The other should be taken during spring 2014. Click here to read more about these courses. 



1. Always go to class, even if attendance is not mandatory. Often professors cover material that is not in the textbook & part of the grade may be based on class participation.

2. Use some type of an organizer like Google Calendar to keep track of your schedule and plan when you will study each week.

3. All professors and TA's have office hours. When in doubt about a class, ask for help, don't be shy!

4. Use all that the library has to offer: walk-in tutoring, help with research, quiet study space.

5. Work hard freshman year and do well in intro level courses.

6. Your peer mentor, advisors, facutly, undergrad academic deans and upperclassmen are all here to help. Don't be afraid to email or visit them.

7. Get involved in clubs, they are a great way to meet people.

8. Most classes have exam archives, make sure you use them!

9. Tutoring is FREE - take advantage of one-on-one tutoring and the Walk-In Tutoring Center in the library.

10. Study hard. You might not have in high school, but that won't work at Stevens!

*compiled from a list provided by peer mentors.