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Richard (Ricky) Graham

Building: Morton
Room: 112
Phone: 201.216.3401
Email: [email protected]

Ph.D. Music Technology - School of Creative Arts, University of Ulster 2012

M.Mus. Music Performance – School of Creative Arts, University of Ulster 2007

B.Sc. Music Technology – Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University 2006


Embodied Cognition
Interactive Performance Systems
Electroacoustic Composition / Spatial Audio
Auditory Perception and Scene Analysis
Augmented Musical Instruments 

The Expansion of Electronic Guitar Performance through the Development of Interactive Digital
Music Systems (Awarded, June 2012).

The dissertation examined the emerging technological trends in new music performance by focusing on issues of parametric performance control, structural homogeneity, and the role of musical gesture. I hypothesized that instrumental performance data could be extracted
and remapped to clarify music performance relationships during real-time practice. I designed a performance system that included bespoke hardware and software, which provided the foundation necessary to conduct a practice-led investigation. My findings revealed that performance data could be utilized to address issues of parametric control and to forge multimodal gestural narratives in electroacoustic music. My conclusion critiqued the efficacy of the emerging performance system and identified avenues for future work,
including explorations into pitch and timbre-space.

General Information

Richard (Ricky) Graham is a highly inspired musician and music producer, born in Northern Ireland, currently based in New Jersey (USA). His music encompasses everything from ambient to experimental to jazz to progressive rock. His music is a full on experience, diverse in sound, style and mood. It reflects his passion for music, his skill and his unique approach to his art.

Ricky Graham currently writes and performs under the alias, signalsundertests, a collaborative music project established in 2008, whilst working as an Assistant Professor of Music and Technology at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey (USA). Graham has presented original academic research across the US, UK and continental Europe. Graham completed an artistic residency at STEIM (Studio for Electro-Instrumental music) in Amsterdam in 2010 and completed his doctoral research in 2012. Graham maintains an active academic research profile at Stevens, developing new computational systems for music composition and performance.

Graham has toured extensively throughout the US, Europe and Asia promoting various music releases since 2006, recorded various sessions for BBC radio, presented original musical works for British and Irish national TV and Radio and has been featured by renowned publications such as National Music Express and Guitar Player Magazine. Graham's music has also featured on the video gaming network, Rock Band. Graham has been involved with a series of music festivals and performance events worldwide, sharing the stage with Oliver Wakeman (Yes) in 2006, Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC Radio 1) in 2008 and electronic music legend, Ulrich Schnauss in 2009. Graham's most recent musical work, "Nascent," was released on Fluttery Records in 2012.

Junior Lecturer and Electric Guitar Instructor at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland.
Active Guitarist and Music Producer
Certified Ableton Trainer for the state of New Jersey, USA.

Nascent – Studio Album - Fluttery Records (Worldwide) – May, 2012.

Electronic tape for John McLachlan's, “Golden Circle” – Performed by Sond’Ar- te Electric Ensemble –
Portugal – September & December, 2011.

Nascent – Multi-channel collaborative piece for guitar with Michael Andrews (SARC) - 2011

Axon – Multi-channel collaborative piece for guitar with Michael Andrews (SARC) - 2010

Mecca – Studio Album - Sentric Music Publishing (UK) – February, 2010.
Quiet Arcs – Multi-channel Spatial Music Concert – Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast – May, 2012

Elements Tour - Belgium & Germany - September, 2011.

Axon - Pure Data Convention - SeaM Werkstattstudio, Weimar, Germany – August, 2011.

Axon - Electronic Arts Research Society - SARC, Belfast - May, 2011.

Axon - CMC - University of Ulster, Londonderry - April, 2011.

Ambient Antwerp - Arenberg, Antwerp - March, 2010.

Celtronic Festival - Supporting Ulrich Schnauss (Domino Records) - Saint Columb's Hall, Londonderry - June,

ISEA 2009 - University of Ulster, Londonderry - August, 2009.

Tour of Japan - Tokyo, Japan - May, 2009.

Celtronic Festival - Supporting Boxcutter (Planet Mu) and Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC Radio 1) - Sandino's,
Londonderry - June, 2008.

Tour of Japan - Tokyo, Japan - July, 2007.

Thorn Reader - An interactive installation sonifiying natural environmental structures; in collaboration with New Jersey artist, Ingo Appel - National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts, NYC, USA - shown from December 2012 through January 2013
Institutional Service

Graduate Curriculum Committee

Honors & Awards

Grade 8 Guitar (Professional Level) - Trinity College of Music, London (2002).
Honors for Music and Drama – Bangor Grammar School (2002).
European Social Fund Scholarship Award - M.Mus (2006).
Department of Eduction and Learning Scholarship Award - Ph.D (2008).
Arts Council of Northern Ireland - Travel Award - Tour of Japan (2009).
Arts Council of Northern Ireland - Individual Artist Award (2009).
STEIM, Amsterdam - Artist in Residence (2010).
Arts Council of Northern Ireland - Travel Award - Tour of Belgium and Germany (2011).
Certified Ableton Trainer (2011 - 2013).
Representative for Keith McMillen Instruments (New Jersey, 2013).

Professional Societies


Selected Publications
  1. R. Graham and B. Bridges. (Jul 2014). "Gesture and Embodied Metaphor in Spatial Music Performance Systems Design", Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom. ISSN: 2220-4792 (Print), 2220-4806 (Online), 2220-4814 (USB). ISBN: 978-1-906897-29-1 (Online) .
  2. R. Graham and B. Bridges. (2014). "Strategies for Spatial Music Performance: Practicalities and Aesthetics for Responsive Mappings", Divergence Press. (3).
  3. R. Graham and B. Bridges. (Oct 2013). "Mapping and Meaning: Embodied Metaphors and NonLocalised Structures in Performance System Design", Re-New Digital Arts Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark. (ISSN. 2245-7801).
Conference Proceedings
  1. Richard Graham. (Mar 2013). "Creative Bridge Building in Northern Ireland: A case study of the utilization of open-source creative technologies amongst Protestant and Catholic youth in Northern Ireland as a tool for social capital development", Music and Diplomacy Conference - Tufts, Harvard, Massachusetts, USA.
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  2. Richard Graham. (Aug 2011). "A Live Performance System in Pure Data: Pitch Contour as Figurative Gesture", Published in the Proceedings from the Pure Data Convention - Bauhaus-Universitat, Weimar, Germany.
  • HMU 211 MIDI and Electronic Music
  • HMU 450 Music Business
  • HMU 101 Music History I
  • HMU 210 Introduction to Music Technology
  • HMU 405 Electronic Music
  • HMU 205 Introduction to Digital Media
  • HMU 260 Software Instrument Design
  • HMU 420 Spatial Music Applications