ASC Walk-In Tutoring Center

Located in the Library Room 306, the new ASC Walk-In Tutoring Center offers tutors for undergraduate technical courses. Students can stop in the tutoring center to meet with available tutors for help with course material. No appointment necessary!

Spring 2015
   April 29: Closed 2pm-5pm for Innovation Expo
   Last Day of Spring Classes - MAY 6 (Friday Class Schedule)
Hours will be:
   Sunday: 5:00PM - 11:00PM
   Monday - Thursday: 2:00PM - 11:00PM
   Friday: 12:00PM - 5:00PM

 Click here, for a detailed weekly schedule. 
 Click here,for a schedule by course number.


Tutors Not Able To Work: (replacement) 

  • Muhammad M. on Wed., April 22 from 4-6pm (None)
  • Patrick D. on Thurs., April 23 from 8-11pm (Daniel P.)
  • Ashley T. on Fri., April 24 from 2-5pm (Yixing C.)
  • Michael Y. on Mon., April 27 from 8-11pm (Kirsten S.)
  • Matthew M. on Wed., April 29 from 8-11pm (Sofia B.)

To submit a tutor request for individual one-on-one tutoring for an Undergraduate Technical Course, click here. Tutor requests are being processed in the order received.


What Students Are Saying About the Tutoring Center & Tutors

  • I like that it's so easy to get help. I'm glad we can just walk in and get a tutor and not have to get a personal tutor if we don't want to
  • Being able to just drop in at the Walk-In Center was AMAZING
  • I have had so much help from the tutoring center and will continue to use it
  • The tutors were well aware of the material and very helpful
  • Approachable individuals who offered assistance regardless of the material
  • Knowledgeable and helpful
  • The tutors did not blame a student for not understanding the material but worked together to better comprehend the work