faculty profile

Jorge Rivera Reyes

Email: jriverar@stevens.edu

Class of 2014

Major: Business and Technology (B.S.)

Minor: Economics

Masters: Information Systems (M.S.)

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Alpha Phi Omega
  • Stevens Campus Cursive
  • Phi Beta Lambda-FBLA
  • Gear & Triangle
  • Resident Assistant
  • The LINK Yearbook
  • TECHnique Performance Group
  • FWS Employee at the Student Employment Office

Advice you’d like to share with the Incoming Class: Don’t ever think you’re the only one. Whether you’re struggling to understand a particularly complex topic in Calc or feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, I can assure you there’s plenty of others around you that feel just the same way, or are in a similar situation. Never feel afraid to reach out to others for support!

MY BEST STUDY TIP: Take breaks, and don’t try to study around others who aren’t at least being productive. They will prove too strong of a distraction for you to focus on your own work. Go to the library if you must!

My Time Management Strategy: Google Calendar. Seriously! When you’re taking 5+ courses, get your first job on campus, and begin to join clubs, it will become increasingly difficult what you’re supposed to be doing at all times of the day.

Resources at Stevens I’ve Used: Academic Support Center. Also, the Howe School and the College of Arts & Letters have support centers of their own, too (even a Writing Center with some additional tips on how to do well on that essay!).

What Do You Like Best About Stevens? Student life (in general). Clubs, Greek Life, and everything else (other than academics). It helps you take a break every once in a while and prevent you from burning out. Trust me, there’s plenty of things to do around campus!