faculty profile

Vincent Gasbarro

Email: vgasbarr@stevens.edu

Class of 2015

Major: Computer Engineering

Minor: Financial Engineering

Master: Undecided – Computer, Financial, and/or Cybersecurity

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Stevens IEEE chapter (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, professional society)
  • Stevens CAM (Climbing and Mountaineering) Club
  • General campus activities: pick-up sports, fitness center, friends 

Advice you’d like to share with the Incoming Class: The best advice I can give would be: don’t be afraid to try new things, even if you fail. College life can be scary at first. You’re finally alone with essentially no rules and guidance. It can be overwhelming as you have left your comfort zone and don’t know how to adapt. At that point, go out and see what Stevens can offer, and test your limits. Look at campus activities such as club sports, campus clubs, professional societies, Greek life, etc; it’s a great way to make friends both within your class and with upperclassmen. Also, when you are given the opportunity to sign up for classes, push your limits. If you think your semester was too simple, try taking more credits and make the most out of your tuition.  If it’s too much, just drop classes during the two week add/drop period, but know that you tried.

MY BEST STUDY TIP: To do well at Stevens, you need to invest time into your classes. College is completely different from high school. Sure there might be some classes that are cake, but the majority of classes require you to invest time every week. Procrastination is not a viable option. If you try to cram 4+ weeks of material the night before a test; chances are you will not do well. What works best is budgeting your time well. If you put just an hour a day into reviewing class material to keep it fresh, it will make the nights before the exam a review period rather than a self-education hell session. You could of course just cram it in the night before and still do well, but in the long run this method hurts you, especially when finals come around.

My Time Management Strategy: The best way to manage your time is to use some sort of calendar. For example, Google calendar is a great tool for those who don’t have a system yet. Put in your class schedule, assignment due dates, and general activities such as meetings or practices to get an overview of your week. From there, it’s really easy to see when stuff needs to be done by and how you should budget your free time to get it done. Any free time left after that can then be used for socialization and personal hobbies. This insures both timely completion of assignments and a relatively stress free life as you shouldn’t be blindsided by an unexpected test/assignment date.

Resources at Stevens I’ve Used: Stevens offers plenty of resources to aid students in both their academic and social lives. For academics, make good use of the free tutors and tutoring center. Don’t fully understand a class? Apply for a tutor. The tutors are very capable and are more than willing to assist you in figuring out concepts, tricky homework questions, and all around test prep. The professors expect a lot from students, use the tutors to keep on track with the material that is expected to be self-taught. Also consider going to the academic support center reviews and also the fraternity reviews. Both resources can really aid you in understanding and seeing what tests can be like.

I’ve made use of all the above. The academic support center and fraternities were life savers for me passing chemistry and the tutors made one of my major specific classes a lot easier to understand.

What Do You Like Best About Stevens? The best part of Stevens is its location and campus. As a central part of Hoboken, you are free to go essentially anywhere. Bored and have no work to do? The city is just 6 blocks and a PATH ticket away. Also, good food and entertainment is within walking distance within Hoboken and the Newport Mall in Jersey City. As for the best part of campus, on those weekend nights of fun, campus provides a very safe place to just chill and enjoy life without worrying about transportation or other trivial matters.