faculty profile

Eric Noll

Email: enoll@stevens.edu

Class of 2013

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Masters: Project Management        

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Sigma Nu, Honor Board
  • Gear and Triangle Honor Society
  • Order of Omega Greek Honor Society
  • Orientation Leader
  • Tour Guide 

Advice you’d like to share with the Incoming Class: Everyone has their own thing and is different. It is important to try different things and see what you like best. College is the perfect time to figure out who you are, what you like best, and where you want to be so don't be afraid to explore all of your options.

MY BEST STUDY TIP: The best study tip that I can think of is to redo problems that have been done in lecture or recitation and see if you can produce the same results.  After that is accomplished, then look through the text book to find questions that are similar to the ones previously done and work them out.

My Time Management Strategy: I like to plan out my week and have a specific time in which I will be able to work on assignments for every class.  Along with that, I like to try and have some extra time available as well for something like a project or a big test so that I do not feel like I do not have enough time.

Resources at Stevens I’ve Used: Library, both online and in person, Walk-in Tutoring Center, standard Tutor, PC-Lab

What Do You Like Best About Stevens? My favorite part about Stevens is the tight knit community that allows students to try everything and find what they enjoy most.  There are so many opportunities from sports, to clubs, to research, even working as a Stevens employee as a Resident’s Assistant.  At Stevens there is something for everyone and if not then there are opportunities to create new organizations to do what you love.