faculty profile

Kelly Kapper

Email: kkapper@stevens.edu

Class of 2016

Major: Chemical Engineering

Minor: Green Engineering

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Co-op Program
  • Scholar’s Program
  • Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Research Assistant 

Advice you’d like to share with the Incoming Class: Establish good study habits early on! Freshmen year can be so distracting – adjusting to life at Stevens, exploring Hoboken and NYC, meeting people and socializing, attending events on campus, etc. With so much always happening, it’s easy to make school your last priority. Freshmen year is mainly introductory courses, so you have to keep in mind that your classes will only get harder as your career at Stevens continues. You’ll thank yourself later on.

MY BEST STUDY TIP: Many freshmen struggle with chemistry and calculus – whether or not you studied these topics in high school, it is so important to pay attention and establish a strong understanding in these topics. Calc and chem are two subjects you will see in nearly all of your classes. If you do well in them early on, you will be fine in your upper level classes. If you have trouble, you’ll have difficulty in the future.

My Time Management Strategy: I like to plan everything out on a calendar, that way I can see when assignments are due, when exams are, days that I know I’ll be busy and not be able to study, etc. Set aside time specifically for school – it’s much easier to get a lot of work done in a short period of time if you focus and pay attention, instead of trying to do homework while talking to your friends and hanging out. Don’t cram the night before an exam; study a little for a few nights before, and you’ll retain the information better. Balance yourself between school and fun – do well in school, but also make the most of your college experience!

Resources at Stevens I’ve Used: I’ve had tutors, visited the walk-in tutoring center, attended academic workshops, and attended reviews held by the Academic Support Center. Even if you’re only having the slightest difficulty with courses, take full advantage of what Stevens has to offer.

What Do You Like Best About Stevens? There are so many things I love about this school, but in one word, the opportunities it has given me. I am only at the start of my third year here, and I’ve already had two amazing internships, joined a sorority, met amazing friends and professors, and landed a research position! I have learned more than I thought possible. Outside of school, I’ve had the opportunity to explore Hoboken and NYC, and have the potential to travel with one of the classes I’m taking this Fall.