faculty profile

Jordan Andrepont

Email: jandrepo@stevens.edu

Class of 2016

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Extra Curricular Activities: Played Baseball last year

Advice you’d like to share with the Incoming Class:

Go out and meet new people, because having friends makes college much easier. Also, connections with those people are really beneficial down the road.

MY BEST STUDY TIP: Go to frat reviews and reviews put on by the Academic Support Center. Take advantage of the free tutors. Math recitation is really helpful; you should go to it even if they don’t take attendance

My Time Management Strategy: Make a schedule of when you want to study what classes. Go to the library and get ahead as soon as possible.

Resources at Stevens I’ve Used: Library, tutors

What Do You Like Best About Stevens? I like how you know almost everyone in your class. It allows you to build connections with your classmates that you could not get elsewhere (it also makes doing homework much easier).