faculty profile

Maura Quinn

Email: mquinn@stevens.edu

Class of 2016

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Varsity Cross Country/Track and Field
  • Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority
  • Student-Faculty Alliance
  • V-Day
  • TORCH Alliance
  • Stevens Orchestra

Advice you’d like to share with the Incoming Class: Get involved and don’t be afraid to try new things you’ve never tried, take classes (especially humanities) that you never thought you’d take, and talk to people outside your social groups.  Trying new things is the best way to learn!

MY BEST STUDY TIP: Flash cards are significantly underrated.  You can carry them with you so you can study on the sports bus, in Starbucks, in Pierce, or between classes without having to worry about books or your computer all the time.  They can’t replace quality reading time, but they’re the best supplement to help you remember everything you already read.  Plus, writing things down on cards helps you remember so much better than just highlighting in your textbook.

My Time Management Strategy: Google Calendar is the best tool you can use.  I keep everything I have to do in there and sync it to my phone so I constantly know what commitments I have, I can always add things to my schedule, and I know exactly how much time I have for homework and personal time every day!

Resources at Stevens I’ve Used: Tutoring, Library, Office hours (CAN’T USE THIS ONE ENOUGH!), Study Sessions (on-campus and Greek), Old exams(from the professor’s websites, the library, and even from friends)

What Do You Like Best About Stevens? Stevens truly is a family.  You can really be yourself and not worry about being judged or left out.  There is a group of people and a place for everyone, and lots of opportunities to find them.  There is never a shortage of people to help you out when you need it, and the small community means everyone has a chance to know everyone on campus.