faculty profile

Tushar Patel

Email: tpatel21@stevens.edu

Class of 2015

Major: Chemical Biology

Minor: Pre-Law/Public Policy

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Stevens Health Professions Club, Former Treasurer
  • Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps. EMT
  • Stevens & National American Chemical Society
  • RedShift Creative Magazine, Contributor
  • Swamibapa Pipe Band – Founding Member, Pipe Major, and Instructor
  • Swaminarayan Dance & Drama Academy - Founding Member, Choreographer, Director, Dancer, and Actor. 

MY BEST STUDY TIP: In general, my best study tip would be to begin studying at least one week ahead of time and practice as many problems you can from the textbook, exam archives, and homework.

  • Math - Practice problems from exam archives and online homework.  
  • Chemistry - Practice suggested textbook problems and review problems from exam archives.
  • Physics - Read the textbook, review problems from exam archives, and understand recitation problems. 

My Time Management Strategy: To manage your time most efficiently, I would recommend using Google Calendar. Not only can you merge your class schedule with the calendar, you can also receive email notifications, popup reminders on your phone, and much more to become better organized. It’s extremely easy to use and will really help if you use it resourcefully! In addition, it’s important to remember that school is priority for scheduling.

Resources at Stevens I’ve Used:

  • Office Hours - Every professor and teaching assistant (TA) has office hours for their students. This is the best time get your questions answered, learn something you didn’t understand in class, or anything really.
  • Tutoring - I know many students hesitate to get tutoring, but it is important to ask for help when you need it. Whether it may be just to review some homework problems or trying to fully understand a new concept (which there will be many), tutoring is your best option. Not only is it free, tutors are students who have already mastered the course and they work with your schedule to schedule times.
  • Exam Review Sessions - Before major exams, the Academic Support Center and many fraternities/sororities host exam review sessions. Many of these sessions consult with the professor before presenting the review, therefore it’s a great place to get an overall review for an upcoming exam and review similar exam like problems. 

What Do You List Best at Stevens? The best part about Stevens is the small community with a large outreach. With small class sizes with diverse students and extremely helpful deans, professors, T.A.s who actually know your name that are ready to support your success, Stevens is a great place to actually learn and prepare for the future.