faculty profile

Michelle Osorio

Email: mosorio1@stevens.edu

Class of 2017

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Masters: Engineering Management

Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • Sister of Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Member of the Biomedical Engineering Society
  • Scholar in Stevens Scholar Program
  • Member of the Society of Women Engineers

Advice You’d Like to Share with the Incoming Class: Don’t stress. It’s easier said than done, but the less stress you have, the more energy you have to concentrate. Also, don’t be afraid to contact your advisor, your peer mentor, or anyone else you feel comfortable approaching for help! We aren’t mean, I promise. We are a community and are all here to help!

My Best Study Tip: Make sure you go to the reviews, not only the reviews held by the school, but by other organizations on campus as well. Also, go over old tests and even though you might think it doesn’t help, attend all of your lectures, even if there isn’t required attendance. MAKE REVIEW SHEETS AND NOTECARDS. Everyone loved my review sheets and it really does help! It helps you to know the material and not just for the test.

My Time Management Strategy: Definitely have an assignment pad to keep everything organized. I always had one of those desk calendars that are big and that helped me stay organized. Also, balancing can be hard but it is something you will master your freshman year. Make sure you keep yourself up to date with homework, assignments, and tests this way you can still enjoy college too! Work now, play later. So get all of your assignments done as early as possible this way there is still time for fun.

Resources at Stevens I’ve Used: The resource that has helped me the most is upper classmen. They have been through it, took all the classes, and know the professors so why not ask them for help! They are the most useful resource at Stevens.

What Do You Like Best About Stevens? Definitely the small community we have is my favorite thing about Stevens. Everyone is extremely friendly and everyone challenges each other to do their best. Also, what is better than being located in Hoboken!