faculty profile

Frank Guarini

Email: fguarini@stevens.edu

Class of 2016

Major(s): Visual Arts and Technology (VizTech) and Science and Technology Studies (STS)

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Writer for The Stute (School newspaper)
  • Art Installations Club (Helps organize art installations and other VizTech events)
  • Honor Board (Upholds the Honor System and investigates potential violations)
  • Writing & Communications Center Peer Consultant
  • Tour Guide

Advice you’d like to share with the Incoming ClassEnjoy your first year. When you first enter Stevens, you have a proverbial blank slate. No one knows who you are, and as Disney as this sounds, it will seem that anything is possible (and to a degree that’s true). I think there are two extremes to first-year students: all study, no play, and the inverse, all play, no study. Obviously somewhere in the middle is best, as you want to excel academically, but I want to push for the former option slightly more. When you reach your sophomore year, you’ll only be a second-year student but the magic of freshman year will be gone. You’ll be settled in, more focused on your major, and soon enough there will be talks with your advisor about internships and co-op jobs. Don’t take the first year lightly, as many people fall prey to their own laziness academically, affecting their GPA for the rest of their time at Stevens, but you only get to be a college freshman once. Get involved. Take some risks. Enjoy it.

MY BEST STUDY TIP: I am a last-minute procrastinator, so I will keep this short: do your work in advance. Once you become involved at Stevens, you will see your windows of work shrink and shrink, and then the assignment is due or the exam is tomorrow. Get it done for your own sanity. Trust me!

My Time Management StrategyWell, I said this last year and sadly it’s still true: I don’t have a concrete one. I still fall victim to my own habits and it does come back to bite me frequently. One thing that I have meant to try but procrastinated doing so was dedicating x amount of hours solely to work each day or throughout the week. Having a rigid schedule structure might seem off-putting, especially when you have the ever-so-rare free time, but it will ensure that when you get that free time you aren’t still doing work but watching Legend of Korra or playing Mario Kart 8 (or whatever you’re into).

Resources at Stevens I’ve Used: The faculty. It’s odd to classify our professors as resources, but they are the direct source of knowledge when it comes to classwork. This can vary major to major, but it holds true for everyone; they are here to help us sincerely, and not only should we appreciate that, but we should utilize it. Right behind the professors is the Writing & Communications Center. Although I work there, so many students have left with confidence about their assignments or overall writing, having entered early stressed out and in despair. Appointments are only 30 minutes. What do you have to lose?

What Do You Like Best About Stevens? Stevens’ size is still my favorite thing about it. While it may seem like there are not many places to go on the weekends, having a small school like Stevens is better in the long run. Running from building to building is not a challenge (despite the hill), and everything is in such proximity that meeting with friends or making a meeting five minutes after class is possible. Travel time at Stevens is taken for granted, because the real world does not have everything so close, but while I am here, I have, am, and will continue to take Stevens’ size for granted, in a good way.