faculty profile

James Sinodinos

Email: jsinodin@stevens.edu

Class of 2016

Major: Chemical Biology

Minor: Social Sciences

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Varsity Baseball
  • Stevens Health Professions Club

Advice you’d like to share with the Incoming Class: It is a privilege to be attending Stevens Institute of Technology so do the most you can with that opportunity. Stevens opens up so many doors and every incoming freshman should explore as many possibilities as possible. Participate in the activities and events that interest you and challenge yourself to discover new things. Coming into Stevens, you were probably at the top of your class but Stevens is an entirely new entity. My best advice is to be humble and work as hard as you can because I would be lying if I said that Stevens is a walk in the park. Stevens brings out the best in students who give 110% effort all the time so always keep your head up and give everything your all. 

MY BEST STUDY TIP: Definitely take notes in all of your lectures but it is far more beneficial to make your own notes from the textbook and other sources. I personally liked to have a three subject notebook for my larger classes (chemistry, calculus, etc.). I used the first section for lecture notes/notes I took from the textbook, the second section for notes/practice problems in recitations and the third sections for review materials for the exams. This method definitely allowed me to be more organized and efficient when studying. For chemistry, going over the tests from previous years is extremely helpful because the same concepts and types of questions come up over and over again. Lastly, utilize the writing center and have your peers read your papers for the freshman year College of Arts and Letters classes and for all humanities courses that require papers. Having other sets of eyes scrutinize your paper is very valuable.

My Time Management Strategy: Time management is a very personal skill; it is important to know yourself and how your body functions. Personally, I set aside hours in the middle of the day to study because I am not very efficient at studying late at night. Having a notebook or a white board to list all of the items you need to accomplish is definitely important for time management because you need to know what you have to get done in order to do it in a timely fashion. Discipline is definitely required for time management because you need to be able to tell yourself that getting your work done is more important than wasting time with something that isn’t necessary. In the end, there is always enough time in the day to get your work done as long as you map out what you need to do and make a self-conscious plan.

Resources at Stevens I’ve Used: Stevens has a wide variety of great resources that I’ve utilized including the library, the Academic Support Center review sessions prior to exams, the writing center and of course office hours with professors and teacher’s assistants.

What Do You Like Best About Stevens? Though Stevens is a small school with a compact campus, there is definitely a lot to take in. The size is ideal because you truly get to know everyone and there are familiar faces wherever you go. The classes are challenging but rewarding if you put the right amount of effort in and you truly feel like you are preparing yourself for a bright future while you are studying at Stevens. There is so much to offer for all different types of people between the varsity and club sports and the plethora of organizations that span from making grilled cheeses to raise money for world hunger to Anime Club. The location is perfect as Hoboken is a great town to be in the middle of and we are just a quick train ride away from the greatest city in the world. Overall, Stevens is all about what you make of it so make it great.