faculty profile

Michael Cahill

Email: mcahill1@stevens.edu

Class of 2014

Major: Environmental Engineering

Minor: Water Resources

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Cross country
  • Track & Field
  • American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Sciences
  • Peer Mentor
  • Student Athletic Advisory Committee 

Advice you’d like to share with the Incoming Class: Get involved early in your Stevens career and don’t be afraid to try multiple and different things. Yes the academics are tough, but you need to grow outside of the classroom also. Being bogged down studying all day and all week will lead to burning out. Getting involved helps you balance your time and your life. The time you spend doing these activities will pay great dividends in being more enthusiastic and focused in your studies.

MY BEST STUDY TIP: Study with friends. If you ever have any trouble with subject matter, having friends right there is the best way to work problems out and have another person’s perspective when approaching a problem.

My Time Management Strategy:  Being an athlete, I find it easy to manage time when I am active, believe it or not. Having activities to fill my calendar with allows me to designate time for work and accomplish tasks during that specific time. When I have down weeks and don’t have much to do, I find having so much time is somewhat overwhelming and allows me to push work back because of all the time I have open.

Resources at Stevens I’ve Used: I have used my coaches, professors, academic advisors, career service center, peer mentor, and friends to help me with all my challenges and questions that range from what class should I take to what career do I want to pursue.

What Do You Like Best About Stevens? What I like best about Stevens is its small size and strong academics. I feel that being in a smaller school allows students to truly find their own niche and not get lost in the crowd. It also allows a more personal and academic growth for students that can be more easily observed by professors they will get to know in small class room settings. I also like the rigorous academics because it truly allows me to push myself and really get the most out of my education.