faculty profile

Timothy Kliks

Email: tkliks@stevens.edu

Class of 2017

Major: Mechanical Engineer

Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • Cooperative Education Student
  • Scholars Program
  • Kappa Sigma Fraternity
  • Stevens Orchestra
  • Newman Catholic Association
  • Resident Assistant 

Advice you’d like to share with the Incoming Class: For many of you, it’s your first time away from home, so make sure you get involved and do all you can to explore all the available opportunities for you.  College is a time to expand your horizons and experience the world.

MY BEST STUDY TIP: Make sure to stay organized and on top of everything.  Take everything in steps and do not wait until the last minute to study.  Find a study group to work with.  The easiest way to learn and cement an idea into your head is to teach someone else.

My Time Management Strategy: Keeping a calendar is crucial.  I prefer a physical calendar that I can write in and plan my day, but Google calendar works really well too.  This way you can take everything one day at a time and make sure you aren’t overwhelmed with everything.

Resources at Stevens I’ve Used: Some of the best resources at Stevens are the people that attend here.  Resident Assistants, Peer Mentors, and other upperclassmen are always friendly and willing to help out.  They were all freshmen once and can offer good advice and input on any question.

What Do You Like Best About Stevens? I like the feeling that I really belong here at Stevens.  With so much to offer, Stevens really lets me feel like I’m not just a face in the crowd.  There is something here for everyone to really fit in and enjoy themselves.