faculty profile

Adith Subramanian

Email: asubrama@stevens.edu

Class of 2014

Major: Mechanical Engineering concentrated in Robotics and Aerospace

Masters: Mechanical Engineering with a Certificate in Robotics

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Sigma Phi Epsilon – Member
  • Stevens Hobby Robotics Club – Vice President
  • Student Faculty Allaince – Member
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Boxing
  • Playing Guitar (electric and acoustic)

Advice you’d like to share with the Incoming Class: Join clubs, It’s a great way to make friends, find new hobbies, and relax after classes. 

MY BEST STUDY TIP: Study in groups, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, working together you teach each other and build a stronger base.

My Time Management Strategy: Use a calendar and task manager. It’s a tough habit to keep but it’s like having a personal secretary and keeps you from missing assignments.

Resources at Stevens I’ve Used: Office of Career Development, Tutoring and Academic Support Center

What Do You Like Best About Stevens? The student body. Higher education is very stressful; it just comes with the territory. Having a supportive student body with activities for every type of person really makes a difference.