Become a Tutor

ASC Tutor Application

On the application, please indicate the courses you are interested in tutoring by checking the appropriate boxes. In the space to the left of each course code, please indicate the grade you received for that course. If course(s) completed at another university, you must also:

  1. Submit a copy of the transcript from that institution.
  2. Highlight & write Stevens course # next to the course that corresponds to the one at Stevens.
  3. Write the grade you received in the course. If the grades are not the same as Stevens, then please convert them using the chart on the Registrar's web site by clicking on the "grading system" link from the left side menu.

Completed applications are to be submitted to the Academic Support Center, (located in EAS-119) in the drop- off box or by email at [email protected] If you meet the requirements, you will then be contacted to attend a "Tutor Training Session" at which the approaches, policies, and procedures for being an ASC tutor will be thoroughly reviewed.

Role of a Tutor

The role of the tutor is to supplement the tutees' classroom experience by helping them understand subject matter that is unclear. Tutors do not give answers, but rather help the tutees find the answers for themselves. It is the tutor's responsibility to help tutees to learn on their own while providing an open exchange during which learning can take place.

Expectations for Being a Tutor

  1. Tutor applicants must be in very good academic standing, possessing an overall cumulative GPA of 3.25 or better. To be eligible to tutor a given course at Stevens, you must have completed the course at Stevens, earning a grade of A- or better.
  2. If the course you want to tutor was completed at another institution, (either in the United States or abroad), you will need to discuss with your tutee the scope and nature of the Stevens course to make sure you can adequately assist the student. Should you or the tutee then determine you are unable to do so, another tutor will be assigned.
  3. Tutor applicants must also have good communication skills and a sincere commitment to the educational process in helping others achieve success with their own studies. You are expected to share your time management skills, study skills, problem solving skills, test preparation skills, etc. with your tutees. (Specific strategies for meeting this expectation are detailed later on in this manual.)
  4. Both Work-Study and non-Work-Study students are eligible to tutor. If you are Federal Work-Study eligible, please notify the ASC accordingly.

Tutoring Pay Rates

Individual & Walk-In Center Tutoring: $12 per hour The maximum limits for tutoring are as follows:
2 hours per day per subject per tutee
4 hours per week per subject per tutee
30 hours per semester per subject per tutee
Group Tutoring: $15 per hour
(more than one tutee at a time)

Also: Tutors may not tutor for more than a combined total number of 15 hours each week. It is therefore your responsibility to keep track of the combined total number of hours you tutor various tutees. You will not receive compensation for any tutoring you provide past this limit.

Employment Paperwork

If you are offered a tutor position, you will need to complete an I-9 form (only if you have not been previously employed by the ASC or another department on campus). In order to do so, you must present your driver's license AND social security card; OR your US Passport; OR your Green Card. International Students must present their foreign passport with attached US Visa, Employment Authorization (if applicable), document ID number & expiration date, and a copy of their Stevens I-20 form.

Tutoring Assignments

All tutoring activity is initiated by the tutee upon completing an online Tutor Request. Once the tutee is provided with the assigned tutor's contact information via e-mail by the ASC, it is then the tutee's responsibility to contact the tutor within 24 hours. Tutors are responsible for checking email regularly and replying to the tutee promptly. The tutor and tutee then determine the times and days to meet at the Samuel C. Williams Library. All tutoring is required to take place at the Samuel C. Williams Library during its normal hours of operation: Both the tutor and the tutee(s) must have their Stevens Student ID Card "swiped" upon entering the library before starting the tutoring session.

Tutoring is provided free of charge to currently enrolled undergraduate students at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Download the Spring 2016
Tutor Application

All applicants must submit the above linked application. A hard copy is available outside the Office of Academic Support Center (ASC) located in EAS-119. Please read the information page carefully. Completed applications can be submitted to the drop-off box outside the ASC Office in EAS-119. Undergraduate Students ONLY can submit the application via e-mail to [email protected]

Applicants who have never held an oncampus job must also apply online by visiting the Student Employment webpage

Dean Kamal Tamna
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Academics/Director of Academic Support Center
[email protected]

Located in EAS-119 with the Office of Undergraduate Academics.