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The following SHARPI provides information on the subject of submitting proposals as it relates to a sponsored project account.  A fuller discussion on proposal submission and the authority to submit proposals as well as represent the institution in contractual and award negotiations can be found in the Stevens’ Institutional Policy 80.2 entitled “Research Proposal Submission.” 


The Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for maintenance and review of this Guideline.


Authority to submit

Proposals for externally funded projects (i.e., grants or contracts) must be submitted by SIT’s Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) on behalf of an eligible Principal Investigator (PI).  Neither an individual PI nor other campus units/offices have authority to negotiate, or submit a proposal on behalf of SIT outside the process described herein.  Proposals that are funded without proper OSP review and necessary approvals could be declined, or withdrawn.

Timeline of Activities Prior to Sponsor Deadline

All proposals must be initially routed through the Pre Award / Faculty Support Center (FSC) and PIs are required to notify Pre Award of pending proposal activity by logging into the Proposal Alert System.  This gives Pre Award time to ensure adequate staffing is in place to accommodate deadlines.  The Stevens Proposal Routing Form should accompany every proposal to Pre Award.  Although the Pre Award will make every attempt to accommodate PIs and their proposal preparation schedules, we ask that all proposals be submitted to Pre Award five (5) working days before the deadline.  Last-minute proposal submissions are becoming increasingly problematic as the amount of preaward compliance imposed by the federal government continues unabated and because almost all proposals must now be submitted through, an electronic portal that is not always reliable.  Again, Pre Award will make every attempt to facilitate proposal submission but PIs are cautioned that proposals submitted late or at the last minute may not make federally imposed deadlines and may end up being withdrawn if after-submission review because of inadequate lead-time indicates an incomplete proposal, or a proposal that contains institutional commitments that cannot be borne. 

Because OSP has sole responsibility to submit proposals for externally sponsored projects, PIs need to ensure adequate time is provided to the office in order to review the proposal for acceptable budgetary presentation, possible export control issues, implications of potential intellectual property, conformance to sponsor guidelines, and the presence of institutional commitments such as cost-share of other items.   Proposals that contain proprietary information or potentially disclose intellectual property should contact the Office of Academic Entrepreneurship to obtain guidelines and approval.  The FINAL version of all materials must be received by OSP Pre Award at least (3) days before the agency deadline.   



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