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Transfer of Animals


Purpose:  In the spirit of conserving animals, Stevens Institute of Technology permits the transferring of animals from one research project to another. It is reasonable and appropriate for unused or extra animals to be transferred between IACUC-approved Animal Protocols, whether the Principal Investigators (PIs) on the protocols are the same or different, in order to avoid animal euthanization.

As it is necessary that animal numbers be properly tracked and that animals not be over-utilized, animal transfers between protocols require approval from the IACUC.  This policy describes the conditions under which animal transfers may occur and the procedures to be followed.

Administration: The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee will administer this policy and is responsible for review and revision of this policy.

Policy: Animals ordered for use on one protocol may be transferred for use on another protocol. Transfers of naïve animals may be approved by the Clinical Veterinarian on behalf of the IACUC; transfers of non-naïve animals must be approved by the IACUC Committee.
With appropriate approval, the following types of animals may be transferred:

  • Animals from a breeding colony
  • Animals from a Holding Protocol
  • Animals being used as sentinels for monitoring colony health
  • Other naïve animals
  • Non-naïve animals (IACUC Committee approval required)

An Animal Transfer Request Form must be submitted to and receive approval from the IACUC prior to any transfer.  For a transfer request to be approved, the three following conditions must be met:

  • The receiving protocol must be current and valid.
  • The receiving protocol must have a sufficient number of approved animals to accommodate the transfer.
  • The receiving protocol must be approved for the species and strain of the animals to be transferred.


To transfer animal(s) between approved Animal Protocols, an Animal Transfer Request Form must be completed.

The form should be submitted to the IACUC. It will be forwarded to the Clinical Veterinarian for review.

The Clinical Veterinarian will determine whether the animals are naïve and whether the required criteria for transfer are met.

If the animals are not naïve, the transfer request will be held until the next scheduled IACUC meeting.  The IACUC Committee will decide whether to approve the request to transfer animals.