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Proposal Routing Sheet

Proposal Routing Sheet Form (PDF 863.43 kb)

A completed Proposal Routing Sheet, signed by the PI, Co-PIs (if any), Department or Center/Laboratory Director and the Dean, and accompanied by any required certification forms, must be submitted to FSC before a proposal will be signed and submitted to the sponsor.

In this manner the Institute meets various regulatory obligations to the federal government and other sponsors, OSP is assured that all programmatic and financial commitments contained in the proposal are endorsed by the appropriate academic officials (department/center/laboratory director and dean), and information essential for the business and planning management of the Institute is captured accurately.

The Proposal Routing Sheet and accompanying certification forms must be submitted in hardcopy to FSC (transmission via facsimile is acceptable).  The form is set up as a PDF that can be filled out using your computer and, when completed, can be printed and signatures obtained (or, alternatively, you can print it out and complete it manually).

To facilitate processing, separate signature pages may be submitted for projects where there are multiple co-principal investigators.  Separate signature pages from the department or center/laboratory director and/or dean also may be submitted to FSC/OSP as long as those signature pages are attached to a copy of the completed front page of the form.

In particular, please note of following items:

  • SIT Account #: If the proposal is a Competing Continuation (NIH only), Renewal, Non-Competing Continuation, or Supplement, then enter the current SIT account number for the project.
  • Project Code: These codes are used to identify the disciplinary area that best classifies the scope of work of the project, and allows the Institute to report accurate data annually to the National Science Foundation. We appreciate completion of this data at time of proposal review; if the proposal is awarded and the data was not completed at the proposal stage, OSP will request that you identify the project code before an award account will be issued.
  • Units: This is the Unit through which the investigator is submitting the proposal and/or participating in the research (which may or may not be the same as the department in which he/she holds his/her primary academic appointment).
  • Check here if limited submission: If the sponsor limits the number of proposals that an institution may submit under the program announcement or solicitation to which you are responding, check this box. Applicants under limited submission must be selected by the Research Council.
  • Cost Sharing: Please fill this section in carefully if the project includes cost sharing.
  • Special Reviews: Select the type of special reviews that are required based upon the scope of work of the project.

Note:  Information blocks with a gray background appear on the form; this information is to be completed by OSP only and not by the principal investigator

Finally, it is critical that you pay close attention to the certification requirements on page two of the Proposal Routing Sheet.  This section of the form is interactive and allows the reader/certifier to pull up guidance information and copies of required forms to complete and sign.

Please direct any questions you have about completing and submitting the Proposal Routing Sheet to either the FSC or OSP.