Office of
Sponsored Programs

Post-Award Overview

Postaward operations provides day-to-day management of sponsored project accounts and assists faculty by functioning as the financial interface between the sponsor and the university’s Office of Finance.   Postaward works closely with the preaward, contract and compliance functions to provide an integrated migration through all aspects of sponsored project research administration.   With a goal of service and professionalism, postaward staff are proud to regard themselves as a member of each individual PI’s team.

Primary functions of postaward are:

  1. account set-up in COEUS and KUALI,
  2. account management and monitoring such as expenditure document review for allowability and reasonableness and processing award modifications such as no-cost extensions and addition of funds,
  3. billing and reporting,
  4. manage A/R so that institutional risk is mitigated and fiscal outlay is effectively recovered,
  5. closeout expired projects,
  6. interface with cognizant audit agency, as required or needed,
  7. subject matter experts in all matters related to account management and administration,
  8. sponsor interface for all matters related to postaward management; and,
  9. training and education for both OSP staff and the research community.