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Guidelines for Limited Submission

In instances where a funding agency has a limit on the number of research proposal submissions per Institution, the following process shall be followed:

  1. The attached form must be completed and submitted (with the PI's Dean approval) to the Faculty Support Center (FSC) of the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) NOT LATER than EIGHT WEEKS (this is a firm deadline!) before the required proposal submission date.
  2. If the number of submissions to the FSC for approval is higher than the number allowed by the agency, then the Academic Council will review all the submission forms and will decide which proposals should be approved for submission.  The PIs of approved proposals will be notified within two weeks from the above deadline such that there will be six weeks available to prepare the proposal. Please note that the Academic Council may require that a presentation be made by selected PIs as part of the evaluation process.
  3. The approved proposals must be prepared in accordance with all the requirements of the funding agency as described in the solicitation and will be submitted by OSR via the Faculty Support Center. For more details on procedures for the preparation and review of a proposal, please refer to Faculty Support Center.

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NOTE 1: The Faculty Support Center will make every effort to provide adequate notification to the research community as to which programs have Institutional submission limitations.  A list of such proposal solicitations will be posted regularly in the OSR/FSC site.   Please note that is not possible for the FSC to track all solicitations from all agencies and identify such limitations.  If you identify any solicitations that have such requirements and are not included in the posted list please notify the FSC manager [email protected].

NOTE 2:  Please note that by completing and submitting the attached form as a Principal Investigator you COMMIT that, if approved, you will prepare and submit a full proposal. If emergencies arise that negate the withdrawal of the commitment you must contact your Dean and the Faculty Support Center immediately so that runner-up proposers may have the opportunity to submit.