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Stevens’ Commitment to Export Control Compliance

Stevens Institute of Technology conducts research to advance knowledge, enhance student learning experiences, and build its reputation in the scientific and technical communities while fostering productive experiences for our sponsoring partners.  While SIT endorses the principles of freedom of inquiry and open exchange of knowledge, the university is committed to compliance with export control regulations.

The objective is to ensure that our university’s exports and activities are transacted consistent with all applicable federal requirements.  

Various departments have a role in the management and compliance with U.S. export laws and regulations. 

It is the university’s expectation that each employee understands the standards described and the importance of creating a synergistic system to manage the overall export responsibilities.   

A sound program, coupled with good judgment, can greatly reduce the risk of inadvertently exporting to a restricted end-user, or for a prohibited end-use or activity.  Please this website for informative and useful guidance.

For questions and to send feedback and suggestions related to the Export procedures, please contact: Barbara DeHaven, Executive Director/Empowered Official, OSP, [email protected], 201.216.8762 or Steven Berhang, Director, Export Controls, OSP, [email protected], 201.216.3464.

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