Office of
Sponsored Programs

Compliance Overview

University research is supported by a mix of sponsors that range from for-profit industry, non-profit organizations, foreign entities and state and local governments.  By far, the major source of university sponsored research comes from the United States government.  For this reason, regulation and compliance impose exponentially growing demands on all universities, including Stevens.   In that regard, the Office of Sponsored Programs acts in the role of steward for Stevens and on behalf of all sponsors that entrust us with funds, whether the source of those funds is private or public.  OSP’s Office of Research Data, Audit and Compliance (RDAC) manages all aspects of compliance associated with sponsored projects, as well as the closely aligned elements of data and data integrity and the quality control (audit) of regulatory compliance and audit interface.

Primary functions of Research Data, Audit and Compliance are:

  1. regulatory compliance such as the NSF RCR, PHS FCOI, IRB, IACUC, Organizational COI, Drug-Free Workforce, Institutional Compliance Oversight Matrix and day-to-day maintenance of Export Control Compliance, 
  2. research data and data integrity such as creation and distribution of the monthly “Activity Report,” creation of standard and ad-hoc data reports, maintenance of the university’s research database (COEUS) and maintenance of the OSP website,
  3. research audit and quality control such as the monthly review of adherence to written university and OSP processes, interface with Stevens’ internal auditors and our federal cognizant audit agency as well as the response to all external audit requests and responsibility for interface with the Office of Finance for theUniversity’s annual A-133 Single Audit,
  4. subject matter experts in all matters related to data, audit and compliance,
  5. sponsor interface for all matters to data, audit and compliance; and,
  6. training and education for both OSP staff and the research community .


Questions regarding any of these activities should be directed to the Executive Director of OSP, Barbara DeHaven at 201.216.8762 or at