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PHS FCOI Overview

Public Health Service Financial Conflict of Interest (PHS FCOI)

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) issued a Final Rule in the Federal Register on August 25, 2011 that requires all institutions applying for funding from the Public Health Service (PHS), or any of its agencies, to have policies and processes in place on 8.25.12 to disclose and manage financial conflicts of interest (FCOI). 

At Stevens, the requirement will apply only to those individuals meeting the definition of "Investigator" and applying for PHS funding (NIH and other Public Health Services agencies). The Policy was posted on the OSP website on 8.25.12.

PI/Investigator responsibilities are specified in Article V in The Policy. A brief recap shows the following:

  1. Investigator must file an initial disclosure within thirty (30) days of the Institutional implementation of the Regulation on 8.25.2012, prior to submission of a PHS-funded proposal, and by July 1 every year thereafter.
  2. Investigator must file an amended disclosure within thirty (30) days of discovering or acquiring a new, or previously unreported, significant financial interest.
  3. Investigator must complete required training within thirty (30) days of the institutional implementation of the Regulation on 8.25.2012 and every four (4) years thereafter.
  4. Investigator must acknowledge by signature his/her understanding of and obligation to comply with the SIT FCOI Advisory Committee's recommended Management Plan in the event a FCOI is determined.

At Stevens, the Institutional Official is the Executive Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs

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