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Animals and IACUC: Overview

Stevens is committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and public service.  Concomitantly, the university looks to ensure the welfare and appropriate care of vertebrate animals used for research and educational purposes in accordance with the policy of the Public Health Service (PHS) and the U.S. Government Principles.

All SIT faculty, staff or students who propose to engage in any research activity involving the use of animals must have approval prior to the initiation of the project from the IACUC.  IACUC is the acronym for "Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee" and is a self-regulating entity that has been established in accordance with federal regulations and requirements to oversee the animal care and use program associated with the use of animals in research at the Institute, whether funded or non-funded and regardless of the source of funds.

Any questions regarding the committee, policies and procedures related to animal research should be directed to the OSP Research Data, Audit and Compliance office.  Justin Samolewicz is currently the IACUC Coordinator and Compliance Specialist and can be reached at 201.216.5280.