Master's Program

The Masters in Space Systems Engineering allows professionals working in government and industry to combine a robust technical education in space systems design and development as well as key space system engineering processes and tools with a holistic understanding of systems engineering principles. Participants in the program will learn about the need for completeness and creativity as they develop a concept of operations, the enabling architecture, and the test and integration plan for space systems and missions. They will also be taught to understand and develop approaches to ensure alignment between these systems engineering deliverables.


The Master's Degree requires 10 courses (equivalent to 30 credits). At least 3 credits must be applied towards a project.

Three-Year Master’s Degree

  • This program meets the criteria of the tuition reimbursement policy at Orbital Sciences Corporation.
  • Students have the option of completing their masters degree program of study in just over three years, on-site at Orbital Sciences Corporation.


This graduate program includes the following required courses. Nine of the ten courses are taught on-site - the final course represents a capstone project where the students apply what they have learned to a space based project/mission. We encourage participants to choose a system of particular value and relevance to Orbital Sciences Corporation.


As part of this course, the students work (either individually or as a group) on a project that involves the application of concepts and principles discussed in this program of study. This project course (SYS 800) represents the capstone course in this program. An ideal project would be of relevance to Orbital Sciences Corporation. To ensure relevance of this effort to Orbital Sciences Corporation, Stevens faculty regularly sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with sponsors.