Stevens Research, Courses and Programming Inform Storm Preparedness, Recovery and Policy

When Hurricane Sandy struck the Northeast in late October 2012, it disrupted millions of lives, causing death and destruction at an entirely new scale for regional coastal storms. One year later, residents of the tri-state area are still experiencing Sandy’s impacts. At the same time, there have emerged unbelievable stories of courage, resilience, community and innovation.

Stevens Institute of Technology, whose hometown of Hoboken, N.J. suffered some of the worst impacts of Sandy, is contributing critical knowledge and expertise to the ongoing national conversation about the serious global challenges presented by a changing climate. Research, courses and programming are offering solutions to mitigate the impact of future crises on urban coastal regions – combining diverse scientific, engineering, technology, policy and community perspectives.

Download two issues of "Stevens Research Impacts" dedicated to the impact of Hurricane Sandy and how Stevens scientists are leading advancements in storm prediction, coastal adaptation and infrastructure resiliency to inform preparedness, recovery and policy.

March 2013

October 2013

Learning from Sandy

Sandy proved to be a learning experience for its students as well—both in- and outside of the classroom.  More than 300 students logged more than 2,000 volunteer hours organizing and staffing the volunteer effort to assist the City of Hoboken. These students coordinated and supervised more than 5,000 volunteers who reported to City Hall to assist victims of the storm by delivering water, food and supplies, rescuing stranded citizens, and cooking meals for city shelters. Their contributions were instrumental in the city overcoming unparalleled challenges to the safety and welfare of its residents, and after the storm, the Mayor of Hoboken officially recognized them for their service and volunteerism.

A new, interdisciplinary disaster studies class, “Sandy Studies,” exposes students to the real-world intersection of science and society and the pursuit of effective, responsible and inclusive innovation. 

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Stevens Experts Contribute to National Sandy Coverage

Stevens faculty members have unmatched expertise on ocean engineering, coastal physics, severe weather, the New York Harbor, and other scientific phenomena related to hurricanes. 
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