9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER 2015)

Stevens Institute of Technology

March 17-19, 2015
Hoboken, NJ, United States

Tuesday, March 17: SEANET Workshop (Systems Engineering & Architecting Doctoral Network for Research)
This workshop is designed for current or soon-to-be doctoral students, and consists of speakers and breakout sessions focused on performing doctoral research.

Wednesday, March 18 - Thursday, March 19: CSER Conference     


The 13th Annual Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER) invites authors to submit papers that push the boundaries of systems engineering research and respond to new challenges for systems architecting and engineering. Since its inception, CSER has become the primary conference for disseminating systems engineering research and germinating new research ideas.

Current and prospective doctoral students are also invited to attend the Systems Engineering & Architecting Network for Research (SEANET) workshop on March 17, 2015. Research challenges and strategies for success in graduate research will be discussed.


11:00 am to 12:00 pm

CCSE SEMINAR - Brenda Dietrich "Analytics in the Era of Cognitive Computing"

Babbio 541 / Online via Blackboard Collaborate

Center for Complex Systems & Enterprises
Distinguished Lecture Series

Analytics in the Era of Cognitive Computing
BY Brenda Dietrich, IBM Fellow
Vice President, IBM Research 


Cognitive computing systems interact naturally with people to enable use of data beyond what is possible with current analytic methods. They both aid humans in finding and interpreting data, and learn from humans through training and through feedback. This talk will provide an overview of cognitive computing, discuss current applications of it in various industries, and explore the role operations research methods can play in extending cognitive computing beyond the domain of language based reasoning.


Brenda Dietrich is an IBM Fellow and Vice President. She joined IBM in 1984 and has worked in the area now called analytics for her entire career, applying data and computation to business decision processes throughout IBM. For over a decade she led the Mathematical Sciences function in the IBM Research division where she was responsible for both basic research on computational mathematics and for the development of novel applications of mathematics for both IBM and its clients. She has been the president of INFORMS, has served on the Board of Trustees of SIAM, and is a member of several university advisory boards. She holds more than a dozen patents, has co-authored numerous publications, and frequently speaks on analytics at conferences. She was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2014. She holds a BS in Mathematics from UNC and an MS and Ph.D. in OR/IE from Cornell. Her personal research includes manufacturing scheduling, services resource management, transportation logistics, integer programming, and combinatorial duality. She currently leads the emerging technologies team for IBM Watson, extending and applying IBM’s cognitive computing technology.


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Undergraduate Reading Day

Undergraduate Reading Day